Object information

Object code: 174

1,520$ (1,520$/m²)

Sale of an apartment on the Golden Gate - Bulvarno-Kudriavska St, 15

New closed type Residential Complex in 12 min on foot from metro station Zoloti vorota!

Very developed and loved by everyone infrastructure with an additional supermarket, a fitness center, a kindergarten, a children's playground, sports grounds, alleys, etc.

This RC includes 5 buildings, 14 sections for 753 apartments.

In the construction of the complex, state-of-the-art energy-efficient technologies are used, thanks to which the owners of apartments can save 50% on utility payments.

The facade of the buildings in light gray and white tones.

Necessarily in the historical center of the capital, there is an underground parking, which can be descended from an apartment building (except for the 4-th and the 5-th buildings).

Worried about the safety of children - the courtyard is completely free of traffic. At the entrance to the RC, you can immediately get into the underground parking. For the guests of the complex, there are places along the perimeter, with a convenient access to them.

1-room apartments with the spaces: from 41-50 m2,

2-room: 66-99 m2,

3-room: 85-130 m2,

4-room: 103-150 m2,

5 room: 195 m2.

Condition - after the builders.

At this stage, you can provide for the unification of apartments to get a 7 or 10-room apartment!

It is possible to order from the company - the Developer additional services for working with designers and a team for internal work.

Documents: all necessary documents are available (license, permits).

Payment by installments is considered. Also now there is an opportunity to receive -20% when buying an apartment up to 7 floors with 100% payment.

The location of this complex is interesting like for a family and for investors.

Taking into account the current market, when renting an unfurnished apartment in a long-term lease, the payback in 5-7 years!

Asking price: 1520 уе / м2

  • Space: 1 m2

New building Elevator Parking Concierge or security Shell&core